Facility Services

Entrance Mats – Microfiber – Logo Mats – Dust/Wet Mops – Toweling

To keep your facility in its best possible condition, we offer a wide variety of products that will maintain a safe, productive and attractive work environment.

Fully customizable with the logo or message of your choice. We even offer a line
of industrial “scraper” mats that will reduce fatigue for employees that
spend a great deal of time on their feet. Many sizes, styles and colors are available.

Standard and Logo Options Available:

  • 3×5, 4×6, 3×10
  • Scraper Mat
  • Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Custom Fit & Designs

Mop handles, as well as wet and dry mops are available in various sizes and styles.

Prestige Mop Program: Our prestige mop program is a barcoding system we use to assign mops to an account, which ensures they receive their mops and their mops only.

Maintaining a sanitary and safe restroom environment requires that businesses invest in a variety of products. We offer everything from soap dispensers to paper products.

Air Fresheners

Our microburst air freshener comes in a variety of scents.

Paper Products

Center pull towels

Hands Free Paper Towel Dispenser

Standard Toilet Tissue

Soap Dispensers

Antibacterial Soap

Foam Soap

Gel Hand Sanitizer